Stu-dio Solid Surface basins are durable and in the unlikely event of being damaged can even be repaired or refurbished – unlike virtually every other work surface material. This quality solid surface will last for many years with simple care. Follow these instructions to preserve your solid surfaces.

Routine Care

Use the following procedures as a guide to everyday care for your solid surface counter tops:

  • Soapy water and ammonia-based cleaners (most glass cleaners, or general purpose cleaners) will remove most dirt and stains from all types of finishes. Wipe dry with dry cloth to prevent water spots. More difficult stains can be removed using a mild abrasive (Jif) and sponge.


  • Occasionally clean by filling the sink one-quarter full with a 50/50 water/bleach solution. Let soak for 15 minutes, then wash sides and bottom as solution drains.

    Preventing Heat and Other Damage

    In most cases, your Stu-dio Solid Surface basin can be repaired if it is accidentally damaged. However, be sure to follow these guidelines to prevent any permanent damage to your counter tops:

  • Avoid exposing your solid surface counters to strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleansers, etc. If contact occurs quickly flush the surface with water.
  • Remove nail polish with a non-acetone-based polish remover and flush with water.
  • Do not leave heat such as hair curlers on the surface of the Stu-dio Solid Surface basins tops.  This may burn the tops.

    Removing Cuts and Fixing Scratches

    Nicks, scratches and cuts are inevitable with any high-use product, including solid surfacing. But because the material is solid all the way through, it can be renewed to its original appearance.

  • To remove minor scratches, sand in a circular motion, with light pressure, using a 3M gray finishing pad #7415. Apply light water as you sand. Wipe clean.
  • If scratches are deeper and still visible, sand wet in a circular motion using 320-grit Wet and Dry sandpaper, followed by the gray pad.
  • For best results, sand slightly wet, and clean before each step.
  • These products are available at most home centers or hardware stores, and are usually located in the paint department.

    Keep in mind, the finish on your Stu-dio Solid Surface basin was applied by using a 3M Scotch-BriteR pad with an orbital sander. Because of the speed of the sander, hand motion alone may leave a slightly different finish. For best results, work on a wider area and feather in the sanded area or finish the entire surface with the Scotch Brite pad.